Hanging pictures

Getting frustrated drilling holes in your wall and not getting your picture perfectly balanced? Tired of damage to your wall, after changing pictures? This can be history! With the picture hanging systems by STAS you can hang your pictures wherever you want, without tools, drilling holes, screws and nails.

Special website for professional use of STAS picture hanging systems: www.stasprojects.com

STAS runs projects for diverse organizations and institutions, such as hospitals, schools, offices and governmental institutions.

On this website you will find an overview of the many hanging solutions developed by STAS and helps you decide which hanging system best suits your situation.


Picture hanging system

STAS picture hanging systems has got a patented system for hanging pictures in your home or office. The systems are very easy to install and even easier to use. Additional to the systems there are different cords and hooks. There are some systems added with 12 volt, which allow you to not only hang your pictures, but also to enlighten them.


STAS cords and hooksPicture hanging hooks

The hooks and cords by STAS picture hanging systems will allow you to hang loads up to 44 lbs. With these picture hanging hooks and cords its very easy to change the height or the location of your pictures in a safe way. Applying the hooks and cords to the rail is very simple. Take a look at our collection of hooks and cords and see for yourself how easy it can be.


Picture hanging hardware

In order to install your STAS picture hanging system you’ll need some picture hanging hardware. The necessary screws, plugs and rail are needed to install you picture hanging system. Moreover, you’ll need some rail connectors, end caps and corner caps. For more information about the systems installation take a look at the STAS picture hanging systems website.

More info:

STAS company website: www.stasgroup.com
Canada: picturehanging.ca –  Singapore: picturehanging.sg –  Philippines: picturehanging.ph –
Hong Kong: picturehanging.hk – South Africa: picturerail.co.za –  New Zealand: picturerail.co.nz – India: picturerail.in

STAS picture hanging systems

Want to hang a picture, on your wall? No problem for the smart solutions of STAS picture hanging systems.